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 Wischt d.o.o. company founded in 1996 in EUROPE as a small workshop for wood processing, which in a short period of time step by step become the one of leaders for the manufacture of vacuum presses, both in the national and international market, from Europe, North and South America, Russia, India to China. Primarily due to its innovation and internationally recognized patents, which are confirmed by numerous awards.

From small woodworking company, we grew up together with our partners acheiving professionalism, competence and experience.

During the past 10 years Wischt Vacuum presses always caring its main production sector, diversified with success to other fields such as the composite materials, the polyurethane panel production and solid surface materia

Quality control, innovation, customer care and competitive spirit make Wischt company the ideal partner for all companies regardless their dimensions, starting from the family ones up to the industrial groups.

Our machines are used in medium and industrial processes. We have several types of presses for different applications and functions, in WOOD INDUSTRY for veneering, bending, laminating, forming ect. in GRAPHIC INDUSTRY for high quality Sublimation process , machines for Thermo/Cold forming of different materials and machine for 3D PVC foil laminating.

We have also combined machines which can be used in multiple applications at once, or machines with more working tables for saving the time of production.


We are a team that had its innovation into a finished product, and the product is made available to you.

The rule is that all those involved in wood processing have many inventiveness. WISCHT is not an exception.

WISCHT is an exception because its innovation made available to others.




Rotational vacuum membrane press with 6 working tables

As the most productive machine in the world entered in the Register of Patents at the Institute for Intellectual Property the number BAP072594, 2011th. The patent is also assingned from European Patent Office under No. EP 2 207667 B1 and a US patent nuber No 8 19310 B2, 2012th.


 The quality of our products has been recognized by many different important institutions.

 Below you can see some of the awards received in past few years:


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