Rotational vacuum membrane press with 6 working tables RVPM6-0628-H80, is vacuum press with powerful heating system, intended for medium and industrial production 2D and 3D coating, bending , veneering and laminating curves and flat surfaces with the desired wood materials.  This machine allows the preparation of a second load during the glueing time of the first load, so that the production capacity is higher up to 6 times.

RVPM6 save space, time and energy and provides a fully continuous operation.

As the most productive machine in the world entered in the Register of Patents at the Institute for Intellectual Property under the number BAP072594, 2011th.The patent is also assigned from the European Patent Office under No. EP 2 207667 B1 and a US patent number is No 8 19310 B2, 2012th.

  • Working temperature 80 degrees
  • Digital temperature control
  • Six working tables
  • Working tables dimensions 700 x 2800 mm
  • Inlet capacity 40 m3/h

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